CocoaTown designs, develops, manufactures, distributes/sells and services specialty machines for small-batch craft chocolate industry.  The complete line of machines consists of Roaster, Cracker, Winnower and Melanger / Grindeur for making high quality, healthy dark chocolate from cocoa beans (Bean to Bar industry) for entry level and also for commercial level. These are specialty equipment and many of the equipment are custom designed and are not available anywhere else. We innovate our machines that are copied by other manufacturers. We have patents on two of our machines and waiting for patent on one more machine. We are trail blazers and we think out of the box for product designs and features.

CocoaTown TL

CocoaTown Through the Years

We created the “bean to bar” market around the world, so anybody can start the business with less than $5000 investment for the equipment. We also educate and train our current and potential customers about the technology to make chocolate.  Before we got into the market, people had to spend at least half a million dollars to start chocolate business.

We make it easy to scale up the production from 500 gm test batches of chocolate liquor to manufacturing bulk quantities of 100 lbs or more in a batch. We provide the complete solution for chocolatemaker’s needs by customizing the equipment. Our strength is in supporting our products and our customers with warranty and service with our extensive inventory of spare parts. We ship these machines around the world.

The best part of being in this business is the happiness we get when we meet our customers who thank us for putting them in business. We have created chocopreneurs in more than 100 countries. In 2013, CocoaTown received Innovation in Fine Chocolate Products from FCIA (Fine Chocolate Industry Association).

 Our team members have over 100 years of collective experience in Product design, Information Technology, eCommerce, Customer Service, Accounting, and Management. We are all fun-loving, hard working individuals who are committed to our job and family. We strive for innovation and perfection. Our products and vendors often exceed our criteria, we are confident that our customers will be satisfied with our unique products and services also.

Inno Concepts Inc, the parent company of CocoaTown LLC has been supplying superior quality specialty equipment for gourmet food industry for since 1992.

About the Founders:

Mrs. Andal Balu and her husband Dr. M. Balu have been serial entrepreneurs for over two decades. They started their first company, Inno Concepts, in 1992 to address the unmet need for traditional equipment for authentic Indian cooking. Inno Concepts began distributing grinders and quickly expanded into a full suite of innovative equipment.

In 2005, Andal and Balu identified a need in the chocolate industry for a cost effective Melangers and Grindeurs for grinding cocoa beans. Subsequently, Andal and Balu launched CocoaTown to design, develop, manufacture and distribute specialty, multipurpose equipment for bean to bar industry. CocoaTown has enabled entrepreneurs around the world to produce artisan bean to bar chocolates. Both of them are deeply involved in their local community, serving on the Board of Directors for various cultural and charitable organizations. They have also organized numerous fundraising events over the last 25 years to raise money for various charities in India.

Dr. Balu holds a PhD in Polymer Chemistry, and has spent over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He has published more than 25 scientific papers and holds 10 patents. With his Physics and Chemistry background he understands the chocolate processing. He enjoys solving engineering problems. This unique combination has helped him to better serve the needs of the chocolatiers.

Andal holds a Master’s degree in Botany and worked as an agricultural scientist for Indian government before moving to the US. A high-powered businesswoman, she likes inventing new recipes, and is constantly learning about anything and everything related to chocolates and machines. She enjoys traveling the world to meet her customers and to learn about different cultures and customs.

CocoaTown LLC
625A Sims Industrial Blvd
Alpharetta GA 30009
Tel: 1-770-587-3000

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