How artisan chocolatiers got inventive this decade

By Meghana Majumdar | DECEMBER 12, 2019 15:09 IST Source:  Chock-a-block with choices: From modifying an idli grinder to creating upcycled cotton waste wrappers, this was an inventive decade for artisan chocolatiers “We are not just in the business of making machines, but of creating chocpreneurs,” says Andal Balu over a phone call from

Innovation in Processing Cocoa into Chocolate:

Cocoatown | March 19 2018 | Milling and Grain | Original article: For years, farmers have been selling cocoa as commodity where the price is set in a distant area of the world removed far away from the cocoa farmers. The cocoa farmers had no control or means to grow their income substantially. In

Chocolate Sutra

By Lavina Melwani | February 8 2018 | Khabar | Original Article: The humble grinder of idli batter is now a chocolate-making machine Mr. and Mrs. Balu started out selling grinders for idli-dosa batter. Improvising from there, and finding a market niche, they launched CocoaTown, which is now a recognized catalyst for the “bean-to-bar” industry amongst small scale

The Kitchen-Counter Chocolatiers

By Kim Severson | Feb. 10, 2015 | Source: ATLANTA — Obsessives are common in the world of cooking. They go down the rabbit hole of jury-rigged sous-vide machines, or spend two weeks lost in the 38-page bread recipe from the Tartine Bakery. They have cases of homemade lager in the hall closet and roast