Georgia Exporter Spotlight: COCOATOWN

By | Original Article: A Q&A interview with Andal Balu and Balu Balasubramanian, Owners County: Fulton Industry: Food Processing Equipment CocoaTown designs, develops, and distributes unique, multipurpose equipment to make gourmet chocolate bars from beans, nut butters and nut milks from nuts and other gourmet foods. What motivated your company to start selling

Politicians, CEOs, cabbies, cooks… Indians in America are having a moment

Lavina Melwani | Aug 31, 2018 03:11 PM IST | Economy | Original Article: Indra Nooyi is possibly the most visible Indian-American CEO whose corporation PepsiCo is based in Purchase, New York. Dr. Balu M. Balasubramanian, a chemist, and his wife Andal Balu have recast the idli-grinder in a new avatar. Lavina Melwani @lavinamelwani

Innovation in Processing Cocoa into Chocolate:

Cocoatown | March 19 2018 | Milling and Grain | Original article: For years, farmers have been selling cocoa as commodity where the price is set in a distant area of the world removed far away from the cocoa farmers. The cocoa farmers had no control or means to grow their income substantially. In