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CocoaT manual Cracker

CocoaT manual Cracker is very compact with less than 1.5 sq. ft (0.15 sq. m) foot print. The special, patented rollers in the cracker pull the shell loose from the nibs. The beans are also cracked into bigger pieces. Bigger nibs means easier winnowing and higher yield of nibs with less nibs in the husk and less husk with the nibs. Better quality, cleaner nibs generate higher profit to chocolate makers than cracking the cocoa beans in the regular crackers that crack the beans into smaller pieces. Smaller nibs make it harder to winnow which results in lower yield and/or lower quality nibs.

All food contact components are made of food grade Stainless steel. Patented stainless steel rollers are easy to disassemble and reassemble. They are easy to clean and handle. They also last longer. The metal gears are outside the food contact area for hygiene and clean-ability. The metal drive is covered with stainless steel cover to avoid pinch-points.

CocoaT Manual Cracker is also easy to assemble and simple to use. Install the handle using the hex key (taped to the side of the roller assembly) and tighten the set screw. Mount the cracker roller assembly on the support stand. Slide the collection tray in the cavity of the support stand. You are ready to start cracking cocoa beans and the cracked beans fall into the collection tray.

CocoaT manual Cracker costs US$1175 + S&H

Highlights of CocoaT manual Cracker:

  • Stainless steel rollers – Hygienic & long lasting
  • Compact – saves space
  • High quality stainless steel– Elegant, Hygienic, Easy to clean
  • Hopper – self feeding – more efficient operation
  • Metal Gears– Long lasting, less maintenance
  • Gears outside food contact area – Hygiene and easy to handle


  • Can crack 15 Kgs of cocoa beans per hour
  • Specially designed rollers to strip the husk away from the nibs
  • Gears outside food contact area for easy maintenance
  • Easy to use – Cracks beans and nuts with minimum stress on hands

Highlights Of Crackers:

  • Result of extensive R&D and customer feedback for more than 2 years.
  • Patented design
  • Specifically designed for any size cocoa beans (cacao beans, cacau beans)
  • High throughput – cracks 10 kgs (20 lbs)/ hour
  • Easy to use – requires minimum effort to operate
  • Produces bigger nibs and minimum fine powder
  • Pulls off the husk from the beans – better separation in the winnowing
  • Easy to clean, disassemble and assemble
  • Self sharpening rollers – No need to replace the rollers for years
  • Easy to repair damaged rollers if metal pieces or hard rocks were accidentally introduced along with beans – no need to change the whole roller – replace only the damaged section
  • Combination of CocoaT Crackers and CocoaTown winnowers yield the best results
  • Simple, compact, rugged and elegant –completely stainless steel parts in food contact areas
  • metal gears – durable and placed away from food contact area for easy maintenance
  • Long lasting- better ROI on the investment
  • Available in motorized version also
  • Spare parts easily available

Other uses:

  • Cracks shelled nuts


Capacity – cracks 15 Kgs of beans/ hour
Weight – ~ 35 Lbs

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 14 in


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