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Entry Kit contains following equipment, accessories & spare parts:

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Buy complete entry chocolate making kit with all the accessories & 5 years worth of wear and tear parts from CocoaTown for US$5400 + S&H.


Entry Kit contains following equipment, accessories & spare parts:

  • Maintenance Kit – The complete entry kit comes with 5 years worth of wear and tear parts. Included in this kit are:
    • Set of 4 delrin inserts for conical stones (US$50)
    • Set of 4 delrin inserts for cylindrical stones (US$50)
    • Tension Spring (US$35)
    • Spring housing and spring sleeve set  (US$70)
    • Belt (US$35)
    • Reamer tool (US$25)
    • Center pin for SS drum (US$35)
    • Reset Switch (US$15)
    • Motor coupler (US$20)
    • Jar coupler – set of 2 (US$30)
    • Reset Switch for CocoaT Mini Pregrinder (US$15)
    • Extra Husk collector box with lid (US$60)
CocoaT jr Roaster PI

US$700.00 + S&H

CocoaT manual Cracker


CocoaT basic Winnower

CocoaT basic Winnower With manual metering device

US$1650.00 + S&H

CocoaT Mini PreGrinder

US$175.00 +S&H

ECGC-12SLTA Melanger


Special features of CocoaTown Entry Level Equipment:

  • Innovative
  • High Quality Components
  • High ROI (Return On Investment) – costs only a few pennies a day
  • Long lasting – machines working 24/7/365 since 2007 with minimum maintenance
  • High throughput – Less wastage of materials – more profit
  • Food Grade Stainless steel parts in food contact areas
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Simple to use & maintain
  • Compact for their size
  • Multipurpose
  • Energy efficient
  • Affordable
  • Constant improvement based on customer feedback
  • US wiring and motors
  • Patented mechanism
  • Available in 110V or 220V except CocoaT junior Roaster
  • Customizable for country of use
  • Used by award winning chocolatemakers around the world for nearly a decade

General information about Entry Level machines

  • The 220V Entry Level equipment comes with Plug D type and 110V Entry Level equipment comes with the plug suitable for USA outlets. The customer has to use plug adaptor to suit their local electric outlet.
  • Currently we have CocoaT jr Roaster PI in 220V version only.
  • We normally ship them in one week from the date we receive the completed order & payment. We ship them through International economy service. Transit time is 8 -10 working days.
  • The shipping company delivers the package to the shipping address for small packages.
  • Customer pays for duties and taxes + processing fees, if any, to the shipping company directly.
  • Some customers get it shipped to Florida and then use consolidator to ship it to their country to save money on S&H.


How can we help grow your business?

If you are strapped for money but still want to expand here are options.

  • If you are located in USA, you can apply for financing through NorthStar.
    Please contact North Star if you have any questions. We are not affiliated with Northstar. It is customer’s responsibility to deal with Northstar about their terms & conditions for the loan and payment details.
  • If you are outside USA, you can apply to be approved by EXIM bank and pay in three installments. Contact us for more details.


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