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Are you excited about the Bean to Bar business and explore the process? Now CocoaTown has a complete kit with all the accessories for $4500 (FOB Atlanta). Better yet, do you also want to learn the Bean to Bar process from International experts? Combine the workshop and full Entry Level kit for $5400 (Total savings or about $540) – F.O.B. Atlanta.

Entry Level Kit contains Junior Roaster PI, Cooling Tray – Micro, CocoaT Manual Cracker, CocoaT Basic Winnower with Metering Dispensers, CocoaT Mini PreGrinder, Deluxe Melanger ECGC 12SLTA

Under normal conditions the processing time is 1-2 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

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Entry Level Kit: Explore – Make chocolates for fun or profit


Cost – $ 650 + S&H
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Cost : $250 + S&H
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Cost: $1050 + S&H
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Cost: Basic Winnower With manual metering device – $1500 + S&H
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Cost: $175 + S&H
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Cost: $600 + S&H
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General information about Entry Level machines

  • The 220V Entry Level equipment comes with Plug D type and 110V Entry Level equipment comes with the plug suitable for USA outlets. The customer has to use plug adaptor to suit their local electric outlet.
  • Currently we have CocoaT junior Roasters in 220V version only.
  • We normally ship them in one week from the date we receive the completed order form & payment. We ship them through International economy service. Transit time is 8 -10 working days.
  • The shipping company delivers the package to the shipping address for small packages.
  • Customer pays for duties and taxes + processing fees, if any, to the shipping company directly.
  • Some customers get it shipped to Florida and then use consolidator to ship it to their country to save money on S&H.


Spare parts Available:

For Manual Cracker:

Stainless steel rollers – $200 each
Stainless steel hopper – $300
Stainless steel collection box + support stand- $350
Metal gears – $50 each
Chain drive – $20
Sprocket – $15


Optional Accessories: 

1) For Junior Roaster:

Roaster Arrester aka Cooling Tray:

Cooling tray is ideal to stop the roasting process once the beans are removed from the roaster. This cooling tray fits in CocoaT junior Roaster SS.
Use the collecting tray to collect the beans from the roaster. Remove drum from the roaster after roasting is done. Unlatch drum door and let the contents fall into collection tray placed on the cooler base.  Switch on the unit. Roasted beans are cooled in less than 5 minutes. Since cocoa beans have 45 -55% cocoa butter, the fat keeps the heat longer and continues cooking. Roaster Arrester aka Cooling Tray cools beans in less than 5 minutes, arresting the roasting precisely and preventing beans from getting over cooked after removing from the oven.
All food contact components are made of stainless steel. The unit is very compact for use and storage.
Available in 110V or 220V.
Cost : $250 F.O.B. Atlanta Click here to visit the page and buy

2)For Winnower:

Metered dispenser:

Manual Metered dispenser regulates the flow of cracked bean through the separation column and gives the best separation of nibs and husk. Avoids the variability caused by different people feeding it in different speed and affecting the efficiency of separation.

Manual Metering Device: Cost $250 + S&H

Motorized Metering Device: Cost $500 + S&H

3)For ECGC 12SLTA:

Mini drum and roller stone set

Lot of our customers have been using less quantity nibs in the ECGC-12SL / SLTA unit and they had trouble because the SL / SLTA unit is made for 4-6 lbs of nibs. But we heard our customers and have come up with a solution for small batch chocolate.

This mini drum and roller stone set is ideal for customers who want to test microbatches of chocolate in a batch for recipe testing. This drum and roller stone set can grind 500gms – 1Kg of cocoa nibs. Also the roller stones are cylindrical to imitate the ECGC-65A Grindeur, so scaling up is much easier,

Cost – $150 + S&H. Click here to visit the page and buy

Stainless steel wipers

Stainless steel wipers (SS wipers) are used by the customers who want minimum delrin parts in the food contact area. It is also useful when using the ingredients that are more viscous and can stress the delrin wiper. SS wipers are also more hygienic.

Cost – $75 + S&H. Click here to visit the page and buy

Stainless steel lid

Stainless steel that fits over the lock arm is available. It replaces the purple plastic lid. It is more hygienic.
Cost – $75 + S&H.  Click here to visit the page and buy


Chococleaner helps to remove the chocolate liquor stuck to the roller stones – saves chocolate and saves cleaning time and energy. Once the grinding is done, remove the roller stones with chocolate, place the chococleaner on top of the drum. Then place the roller stone assembly on top of the chococleaner. Rotate the roller stones and all the chocolate liquor drips into the stainless steel vessel.
Cost – $15 + S&H. Click here to visit the page and buy

Choco Kneader

Chocokneader mixes the cocoa liquor and other ingredients that need not be ground. For eg. some customers use it to mix the cocoa liquor with milk powder. It is also good for mixing the inclusions in the cocoa liquor uniformly without grinding the inclusions.
Or if you are using the melanger to grind the nut butters and if you want to mix the cocoa liquor without grinding them further, chocokneader is a good option.
It can also be used to knead the dough for pizza, cake etc.
Cost – $75 + S&H. Click here to visit the page and buy


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