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Since 2006 CocoaTown ECGC-65 series commercial grindeur (grinder) has been the number one choice for award winning craft chocolate makers from around the world. It was the first commercial grindeur (grinder) specifically made for grinding cocoa nibs to chocolate. enabling new comers to Bean to Bar trend to scale up their production and grow their business. These Grindeurs (grinders) have been industry workhorses and many of our customers are still using their original machines purchased decade ago.

We constantly make improvements as we learn from our customers. All improvements are backward compatible, means you will be able to upgrade your machines with new improvements even after years of your original purchase.  We maintain spare parts in inventory to minimize your downtime.We can make custom modifications if you have special requirements.

The design of CocoaTown ECGC-65 series grindeurs (grinders) are extremely simple. It helps overseas customers to perform routine services easily. An entry level automobile mechanic can perform routine maintenance and repairs as needed. We provide best customer service through telephone, video, Skype and other online methods.Our tension monitoring system helps to maintain comparable performance between multiple batches.

We have a wide variety of accessories such as conching attachment, stone lifting mechanism to make your chocolate making easy.

Under normal conditions the processing time is 2 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

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Introducing the CocoaTown ECGC-65E Grindeur (Grinder)

CocoaTown ECGC-65E is the latest model grindeur (grinder) optimally designed to grind cocoa nibs into chocolate liquor or nuts into nut butters. This is the latest version of ECGC-65A with lot of upgrades based on the feedback from chocolate makers around the world and lot of the chocolate makers who used ECGC-65A have won International awards for their chocolates.

The ECGC-65E can grind up to 65 lbs (30 kgs) of cocoa nibs and produce up to 100lbs (45 kgs) of finished product per batch. Two granite roller stones rotate on a bottom granite stone to grind the nibs the way European melangers did. Slow grinding the nibs preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients.

ECGC-65E chocolate grinder (grinder) is constructed with high quality stainless steel for easy care and maintenance. Food contact materials are fabricated with 304 grade stainless steel. The machine can be easily tilted to drain the product from the grinding vessel and to clean the drum after use.


US bought motor:

U/L listed motor and upgrade all other electrical components to U/L or CE listed parts.

Pressure Gauge:

Pressure gauge is mounted on the lock arm and constantly measures the pressure on the grinding stone. The pressure on the stones can be adjusted and continuously monitored so that the stones exert same pressure from batch to batch. Also the pressure can be released when adding the nibs or during the conching.

SS wipers:

Stainless steel wipers (SS wipers) included.

SS lid:

Stainless steel lid is included.

Link Belts:

Best belts in the market. Long lasting. No stretching. No smell.

Improvements made for chocolate grinding:

1. Motor mounting plate –easy to adjust the belt tension
2. Pressure gauge – consistent grinding for all batches
3. Upgraded gear box –longer life
4. US bought, high quality motor –continuous operation
5. Wider drum – better grinding and conching
6. Single piece, solid roller holder – easy to clean and maintain
7. Tension spring on lock arm – isolated from food contact area
8. High quality stainless steel components –Hygiene
9. Shorter machine height – easy to load the contents into the drum
10. Multipurpose equipment –for nut butters, coconut butter, coconut milk, nut milks, tahini, & more

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How to order

Since this product is assembled per customer needs, you can not order online at this time.  We require additional information, especially if you live outside USA, to complete the purchase. Email us at for a price quote, shipping quote, and/or order form

Alternatively, go to the link for online Price quote request form. Once we receive the form back from you, we will send you the quote within 48 hours.

How can we help grow your business?

If you are strapped for money but still want to expand here are options.

  • If you are located in USA, you can apply for financing through NorthStar.
    Please contact North Star if you have any questions. We are not affiliated with Northstar. It is customer’s responsibility to deal with Northstar about their terms & conditions for the loan and payment details.
  • If you are outside USA, you can apply to be approved by EXIM bank and pay in three installments. Contact us for more details.

Additional options for Commercial equipment:


All CocoaTown equipment carries a limited one year warranty against any manufacturing defect, from the date the unit is shipped. Normal wear and tear parts are not covered under manufacturing warranty.

Extended Warranty:

Extended warranty for two additional years is available for $1000 / equipment


We provide installation assistance. Please email us for more details.

Maintenance Package:

Please email us for more details.

Our customers have used the melangers and Grindeurs for the following:
Grind almond pieces into Marcepan /Marzipan
Grind hazel nut pieces into Gianduja
Grind pistachios pieces into pistachio butter
Grind Cashew pieces into cashew butter
Grind sesame seeds into tahini
Grind boiled chick peas into hummus
Grind flax seeds into paste
Grind Sphagnum moss for facial pack
Grind quinoa
Grind nuts into nut milks
Grind coconut flakes into coconut butter and coconut milk
Grind corn into masa
And more

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 62 in


Control Panel

Powder Coated, Stainless Steel


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