Complete Commercial Scale Line Kit


Are you Expanding and Growing your Bean to Bar business and want to exhibit the process in front of your customers? Now CocoaTown has a complete Commercial scale kit with all the accessories ($33000 F.O.B. Atlanta– includes more than $1500 discount for buying as a complete kit). Better yet, do you want to learn the Bean to Bar process from International experts? Combine the workshop and complete commercial kit for $34000 (Total savings of more than $2200) – F.O.B. Atlanta.

Our equipment and workshop are preferred for educating customers, chocolate tours, museums, universities etc.

Commercial Scale Line kit contains CocoaT Commercial Roaster, CocoaT Cooling Tray MacroCocoaT InnoWinnower, CocoaT ECGC 65E Grindeur and their optional accessories.

Under normal conditions the processing time is 3-4 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

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Commercial Scale Line: Expand – Scale up your Bean to Bar business

Complete Commercial Scale Line of Cocoatown contains following:

CocoaT commercial Roaster

Commercial Roaster
Cost: $5320 + S&H
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Cost : $750 + S&H
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InnoWinno Winnower

Bean to bar chocolate making - Cocoatown's Inno Winnower
Cost: $15000 + S&H
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ECGC-65-E Grindeur For Chocolate Grinding


  • ECGC-65E Grindeur with basic control-   $9700 
  • ECGC-65E Grindeur with deluxe control-   $10500 

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Additional options for Commercial equipment:

All CocoaTown equipment carries a limited one year warranty against any manufacturing defect, from the date the unit is shipped.   Normal wear and tear parts are not covered under manufacturing warranty.

Extended Warranty:
Extended warranty for two additional years is available for $1000 / equipment

We provide installation assistance. Please email us for more details.

Maintenance Package:
Please email us at for more details.


The Inno winnower also comes with bean transfer system and hopper extension.
Bean Transfer Mechanism: This accessory transports the beans from their container on the floor to the hopper extension. It eliminates the need for manual feeding of the hopper or hopper extension. Together, it eliminates manual work of feeding the beans continuously to the cracker hopper. It is also safer way to fill the hopper and eliminates the need for a worker to climb a ladder with beans on one hand, balancing to climb to fill the hopper.

Hopper Extension:
Hopper Extension holds 40 lbs of Cocoa Beans and dispenses the right amount of beans into the Power Cracker hopper. This helps with smooth operation of the cracker and winnower. In addition, this accessory eliminates the need for a person to stand next to the cracker and feed it constantly. One can fill up the hopper in minutes and then refill it as necessary. See through window helps to monitor bean level in the hopper.
Priced attractively at $15000 for winnower and cracker combination.


For Commercial Roaster:

CocoaT Max cooling Tray

Top tray doubles as collection tray for the roasted beans in the roaster.  Available in 110V or 220V. Place the top tray in the CocoaT commercial Roaster after roasting is done. Release the latch in the roaster drum. All the beans are collected in the top collection tray. Then remove the tray from the roaster and place it on the cooling mechanism and switch on the power. All the beans are cooled in less than 5 minutes.

  • Cools 10 Kgs of roasted beans in less than 5 minutes – prevents overcooking by residual heat in cocoa butter in cocoa beans or nut butters in the nuts
  • quiet in operation
  • $750 + S&H
Specifications: 220V unit
  • Voltage – 220V
  • phase – 1 ph
  • Power -1 HP
  • Amps – 3.75
Specifications: 110V unit
  • Voltage – 110V
  • phase – 1 ph
  • Power -1 HP
  • Amps – 7.5

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For ECGC 65E Grindeur:

California Package:

Special SS wipers are made and are welded so there are no screws or bolts in the food contact area. Food splash zone is modified for cleaning. The stainless steel drum is modified with 1/4” curve at the bottom corner for clean-ability. There are additional modifications done based on the health inspection report we received from one of our customers. The California package costs $500.

Conching Attachment:

Conching attachment is available for ECGC-65E. After grinding the chocolate liquor, simply remove the roller stone assembly and replace it with conching attachment. Switch on the unit and run it till the conching is done. Conching attachment is made of stainless steel for ease of use and hygiene. Costs $2500 + S&H.
Optional accessories / customization for the older Grindeur ECGC-65A: (all prices are F.O.B. Atlanta)

  • SS lid – $250
  • SS wipers – USD 90.00 each (ECGC-65A has 2 wipers)
  • US bought motor – $600
  • Pressure Gauge – $250


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