Professional Level

Are you excited about the Bean to Bar business and want to exhibit the process in front of your customers? Do you have a chocolate museum and want to showcase the bean to bar process to your visitors? Now CocoaTown has a complete Professional scale kit with all the accessories ($6500 F.O.B. Atlanta– includes about $300 discount for buying as a complete kit). Do you also want to learn the Bean to Bar process from International experts? Combine the workshop and full Professional kit and save money ($7400 F.O.B. Atlanta – includes about $650 discount from the regular price). Our equipment and workshop are preferred for educating customers, chocolate tours, museums, universities etc.

Special features of CocoaTown Equipment:

High Quality Components
High ROI (Return On Investment) – costs only a few pennies a day
Long lasting – machines working 24/7/365 since 2007 with minimum maintenance
High throughput – Less wastage of materials – more profit
Food Grade Stainless steel parts in food contact areas
Stainless steel construction
Simple to use & maintain
Compact for their size
Energy efficient
Constant improvement based on customer feedback
US wiring and motors
Patented equipment
Available in 110V or 220V except CocoaT junior Roaster
Customizable for country of use
Used by award winning chocolatemakers around the world for nearly a decade

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