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Pre Grinders for smushing the nibs to a paste so the sebsequent grinding process is faster. CocoaT mini Pregrinder is more than a blender. This is a multipurpose unit which grinds, cracks, juices and pulverizes. Its function are as listed below;

This is an ideal tool to pregrind cocoa nibs or nuts before grinding in the ECGC-12SL or ECGC-12SLTA melanger. By pregrinding one can shorten the process time in the melanger up to 50%. Since cocoa nibs and nuts are ground to powder instead of paste, there is less waste of material.

Cracking cocoa beans:
The CocoaT Mini Pregrinder can also crack cocoa beans in less than 10 seconds. Simply install the cracker blade after removing the grinding blade. Add 1 cup of beans, close the lid, place the jar on the unit, pulse it couple of times and you have cracked beans. Since the beans are cracked into bigger pieces, the skin comes off easily.

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