A melanger is a granite stone on granite stone grinder used to grind cocoa bean nibs into chocolate liquor.  CocoaTown was the first melanger introduced to chocolate makers to process cocoa nibs into chocolate.  Our first melanger model was introduced in 2006.  We listened to our customers constantly improve our melangers.  Our melangers are designed and built to give you the optimum performance and safety.  Our melangers have two-level safety feature with built-in over temperature protection and over-cuurent protection for your peace of mind.  We are the first and only company that provides two level protection.

CocoaTown produces innovative machines.  We were the first to introduce
1.  small size drum and roller assembly to process test batches
2.  variable pressure/tension with tension indicator display
3.  Two-level integrated safety protection
4.  Stone wiper to continuously wipe the roller stone surface
5.  Stone-lifting system to effortlessly lift the roller stone in commercial melangers

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