How do I achieve clean Nibs from CocoaT InnoWinno Winnower (Commercial) with Power Cracker attachement?

Here is the step by step process (assuming blower and winnower top motors are on):

Step one:

Make sure your cocoa beans are well roasted, depending on the kind of roaster, ask your manufacturers the acceptable minutes to allow cocoa beans to be roasted for, every manufacturers has a stipulated minutes already.

Step two:

With a single pass, pre-roasted beans are poured into the power cracker hopper, which can be seen from the product image above. Stage two can be affected by stage one if the cocoa beans are not well roasted. As it will affect results gotten from the winnower. Always make sure that roasted cocoa beans are well cool off before stage two commences.

Stage three:

Cracked beans falls intermittently into the tube of CocoaT Industrial Winnower, which can also be controlled based on the speed of the cracker. The nib and husk particles are then separated allowing the Nibs to fall into the collecting base at the lower part of the winnower while the husks will go into the cyclone and then will be collected by another container attached at the cyclone end.